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A Comprehensive Guide on Various Levels of Friendship

Friends play such an integral role in our life. They, indeed, are a blessing in disguise. But have you ever wondered how these friendships develop? Unlike any other relationship, there are levels of friendship that bloom from being strangers to besties. Some prefer close friends, while some are looking for deep ties. However, studies reveal that it isn’t about the number of friends but the quality of friendship. 

So, we have put together various levels of friendship and without any further ado, let’s explore them.

What are the different levels of friendship?

Regardless of your level, remember that every friendship is essential. Don’t feel that some are important and some unimportant. So, let’s dive in.

1. Strangers 

(I know you?)

You can say strangers are the first level of friendship. They are the people who you meet in school, in the shopping mall or a driveway. You are introduced to them by a group of friends, or you stumbled upon them at events. The gist of the conversation is about some personal info, current events, weather, etc.

If your initial interaction goes well, it’s possible you might hang out together for events or activities. Furthermore, you might also land on the next level of friendship.

Indicators of strangers

– You do not wish to take the relationship to the next level.

– You do not feel the connection to share your details.

– They are never a part of your plans.

– You talk to them only when you are a part of an everyday event. 

– Your talks include common topics like current trends, weather, etc., but do not go beyond.

2. Acquaintances

(I definitely know you!)

Acquaintance is something wherein you know the individual much more than strangers. This category may include your spouse’s friend, neighbor, or coworker. You might share some personal information with them, but usually, you stay in touch only for work-related queries.

This level of friendship usually develops when you need someone for small talk or may have some common interest. However, your interactions could be more profound and more intense. You might want to keep some things from them. 

Indicators of acquaintances

– You know them but not on a deep level.

– You don’t talk to them on a very personal level.

– Your interactions are limited to small talk and do not go beyond.

– You do not opt for a deeper connection because you do not get those vibes from within. 

– You may meet them in common social groups, working environments, or even the same block.

3. Casual Friendship

(I am fond of you!)

Casual friendships may kick off instantly, but they do not become our bestest or good friends. Yes, you are friendly and love spending time together, hanging out, attend parties but refrain from investing time in the friendship. In this friendship phase, you can also ask a few personal questions. They are somewhat situational friends and may drift apart once your shared interest is over. 

Indicators of casual friendship 

– You hang out with them but not very often.

– You share only some aspects of your life.

– You may have common social groups or work in the same office.

– Your values, morals, and interests differ from each other.

– Your friendship is more situational, wherein any one of them may drift away.

4. Close Friends

(I am always there for you!)

One step above casual friends, this level of friendship is like an entry into your inner circle. A close friendship is about confiding every secret to them and sharing a unique bond of loyalty, trust, and commitment. For some people, it takes a very long time to reach this stage.  

Whenever you need emotional support, your close friends are always around you! You don’t hang out with them just because you are friends but because you share an emotional attachment. Your interests, aspirations, and views are aligned and the same. 

They are a part of all your happy and sad moments. They cheer you on your success and motivate you when you are low. Most importantly, this friendship involves long-lasting and healthy connections, even as a long-distance friendship

Not just this, they are close to family members too!

Indicators of close friendship

– You have common interests.

– You like spending time with them and love each other’s company.

– You hang out with each other in your free time.

– You stay in touch despite life circumstances. 

5. Intimate Friends

(You have my heart and soul!)

Now comes the highest level of friendship – intimate friendship. Not everyone is lucky to cherish intimate friendship, but whoever does is the most fortunate. Everyone lingers around casual and close friends, but intimate friendship is hard to achieve. The reason is the genuine unfathomable connection and emotional intimacy with another person.

Intimate friends are the ones who you have known for years and help you accept yourself. You feel comfortable sharing all your intimate moments with them. Even small talk is considered and not judged in this healthy friendship.

Most importantly, both friends trust each other wholeheartedly and support completely despite hurdles. 

Indicators of intimate friendship

– You have known each other for ages, probably since childhood.

– You share every intimate moment with them.

– Your likes and dislikes are similar.

– There is comfort while talking about personal issues as well.

– There is no tinge of judgment while sharing views.

– You know they are always for you, and you feel accepted in all circumstances. 

Closing Thoughts

So, which level of friendship are you in right now? Do you have an acquaintance who can become your close friend? Or are you happy having strangers around if you are a loner type of a person? But always remember, there is always a reason why people come into our lives. They help us grow and progress and sometimes pull us down, but there is something always good to learn from every relationship.

Grab this opportunity, acknowledge the indicators and levels of friendship and enjoy the journey to the fullest!

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