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Why is Friendship Important in Marriage- A Comprehensive Guide

Britannica has beautifully defined friendship as “a state of enduring affection, esteem, intimacy, and trust between two people. In all cultures, friendships are important relationships throughout a person’s life span.” This definition sums up why friendship is important! Truly, friendship is a blessing even in the marriage too!

John Gottman, an American psychologist, has also mentioned that friendship is the core of a strong marriage. So, if you also wish to fill the void of friendship in your marriage, don’t forget to explore our think-piece. By the end of it, we hope you might have gathered ample inspiration. So, let’s dive in.

Why is friendship important in marriage?

Now that we have decided to explore the benefits of friendship in marriage. So, why are we waiting for? Let’s get into the depth of the importance of friendship.

1. It strengthens the mental bonding

There are times physical intimacy fades eventually in a marriage. However, the marriage can tackle any battle when there is an emotional connection. And this emotional bonding comes with friendship. It keeps the spark alive. For example, you miss each other terribly when you both are away for work commitments.

2. There is always transparency

When you are good friends with your spouse, there is always openness in the marriage. You can speak about anything and everything without any inhibitions. Despite lacking physical attraction, you are connected on a mental level. You both always have something new to explore, and that too together. Besides, trust is the foundation of your marriage, so you do not hide anything from each other.

3. There is peace in the relationship

No matter how big the tiffs are in married life, they are solved peacefully when both are close friends. Both care for each other’s wants and try to maintain equilibrium in the marriage. Most importantly, both have the liberty to share their thoughts and feelings.

Tips on Why is Friendship Important in Marriage
Tips on Why is Friendship Important in Marriage

4. Both enjoy each other’s companies

As both are friends, they know each other’s likes and dislikes. Be it petty tasks like washing a car, cleaning the house, or taking a stroll, both enjoy each other’s company. A study highlights couples who undertake activities together are the happiest.  

5. There is immense security in marriage 

You might have a bad day at work, fight with your colleague, or just feeling low; when you are friends with your spouse, you know you have a shoulder to cry on. They enrich your life with their presence and always have your back. Not just this, they always give you attention when you need the most, thus adding to marital security. Besides, they will always give you genuine advice when you need it. 

6. There is complete marital satisfaction

Despite fights and arguments, relationships have no tinge of discontent when couples are friends. Everything is sorted out peacefully, and fights do not stretch for long. Besides, there is always a spark in the marriage and no signs of a lifeless marriage.

How to be friends with your spouse

Now that you know the importance of being friends with your spouse and what kind of marital bliss you may enjoy, it’s time to implement it. Let’s see how!

1. Give each other personal space

Personal space is essential in any relationship. You must strictly avoid constant nagging, checking their phones, snooping around about their whereabouts, and pinpointing their mistakes if you wish to enjoy marital friendship. While doing so, do not put an end to your desires. Do not change yourself to fit into their comfort zone. Simply give them their space and enjoy yours as well. Everybody likes that “me-time,” isn’t it?

2. Accept them the way they are

One of the fundamental principles for making a marriage work is to accept the partner the way they are. Every person is different. Everyone has their share of imperfections. If you find them annoying, accept that they might also find some habits of yours annoying. Instead of pinpointing each other’s limitations, accept them. When you both start doing this, it will help you strengthen your marriage. 

However, if they are wrong on an extreme level, correct them with compassion. 

3. Curb your controlling behavior

Married couples tend to control each other’s life, which is the recipe for an unhappy marriage. However, if you genuinely wish to infuse friendship in marriage, restrain yourself from controlling your partner. Don’t always set up a rulebook, especially in front of their friends and family members. Due to this, they will feel muffled and may distance themselves from you. 

If you care for them and wish to enjoy strong friendship in your marital life, give them the liberty to do whatever they wish. Besides, if you wish to give them tips, do it when you both are alone. 

4. Support your partner

Every person needs a support system, and this is the best time for you to infuse friendship in marriage. If they are feeling low, cheer them up by spending time with them. Hear them out and give them tips to solve the problems. It will not only strengthen your friendship but strengthen your marriage too!

5. Don’t hide anything from them

Do we keep any secrets from friends? No, right? Therefore, if you want to cherish happy marriage and family, don’t keep secrets from your partner. Try and communicate everything to your partner. Let there be two-way communication because that will help you both to know each other better! However, if something is not happening right, speak your heart out. Just maintain peace and decorum while discussing.

6. Try adventures together

Marriage is all about exploring each other. So, plan some adventures together. Try taking a class together, some adventure sports, or a vacation. When tackling something unfamiliar and new, it eventually starts creating strong friendships. Besides, exploring something out of this world is a perfect way to create new memories.

7. Be a part of each other’s friends and family members

Marriage is all about accepting each other’s life as a whole. So, start spending time with their friends and family. You never know; you might unravel a hidden quality of your partner. Besides, friends and family are a great way to understand your partner better if you wish to induce friendship. It will ease out many things between you both.

8. Treat each other as equals

In a marriage, both partners have to treat each other equally. Don’t let ego seep into your marriage. Besides, don’t make decisions on behalf of your partner. Instead, allow them to speak up for themselves. If they have a viewpoint, hear them out. With this, your partner will feel equal, and you will, in return, earn respect and a long-term friendship!

9. Communicate every day and at every moment 

Communication is the solution to every relationship problem. So, interact as much as you can. Spend time talking about each other’s likes and dislikes. If you fight, sort it by communicating with each other. It doesn’t matter how petty the problem is, don’t assume things. Instead, discuss and sort things out. 

Henry Winkler has rightly said, “assumptions are the termites of relationships.”

10. Have respect for each other

Respect is the root of the happy family tree. So, being disrespectful can crumble the foundation of friendship and marriage. Don’t demean them, tarnish their image in public, or talk ill about their family and friends. If there is respect, happiness will pave the way in your marital life. Besides, friendship will also follow in your marital bliss.

11. Let your partner be your priority

No matter what happens, shower your partner with some attention. Tend to them when they are ill, keep a check on their mental and physical health, cook their favorite cuisine and thank them for supporting you. Such small gestures make a difference in married life and strengthen the bond for a lifetime. 

12. Spare time to talk to each other

Allocate an hour of the day to talk to each other. Pour your heart out about the relationship. If you think something is going off track, speak up. Let them know what’s going on in your heart and mind. Be a good listener and eventually witness the beauty of your relationship molding!

Over to you!

So, if you are wondering – why is friendship important in marriage, then quickly browse through this think piece. We hope it has answered all your queries. Try out these tips and build one of the best bonds – friendship along with marital bliss! 

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