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Types of Female Friends to Avoid: Time to Break Free from Negativity

Types of Female Friends to Avoid: Time to Break Free from Negativity

Generally, female friendships are the most precious relationships ever! There is gossip, fun, and immense emotional bonding. But there are some types of female friends to avoid in life. They are toxic in nature. We don’t mingle with them, and they are difficult to maintain. 

But which are these types? Let’s find out.

Which Are the Various Types of Female Friends to Avoid?

Stop wasting your precious time on the following types of female friends because they are not worth it.

1.      Jealous type

Sign: Smiles but secretly competes

The sign says it all. This type of female friend is all about fake smiles and backhanded compliments. She talks only about materialistic possessions. Though she might shower you with compliments, in her mind, she is plotting to compete with you. Ethics and moral values are unknown to her. 

2.      One-who-is-always-angry 

Sign: Constantly criticizes and complains

This type of female friend should be avoided for sure. Undoubtedly, they can shout at you for no reason. They are always in an angry mood, even if things are going their way. Imagine what they must be like if things go awry! Well, it’s natural that you might want to mend ways because your friend was not always like this. She was sane earlier, but do you really want to take the chance after many failed attempts?

3.      The gossipmonger

Sign: Always whispering rumors

You may find her incredibly alluring. She is a hit in social settings. However, she is a big gossiper behind everyone’s back. She loves demeaning people and spreading lies about them. It doesn’t stop here; she is a maestro at asking absurd questions and forcing some negative beliefs on others. She is not righteous and believes in spreading fake narratives. 

4.      The mischief-maker

Sign: Plotting some weird pranks

As the name says, she is one mischief-maker. But mind you, she is not ethical as she seems. She pulls off some dirty pranks and finds happiness in it. She may come as self-centered and may indulge in forced humor, which she finds “so-called funny,” but it is outrageously insulting. 

5.      The worrier

Sign: She only worries about unimportant things

Ask her how the day was. She will talk nonstop about her worries, predicaments, and negativity. But she often forgets the good things life brings. She also brings negativity in petty activities—like going to the spa.

If you ask her for a spa date, she will complain that they are bad people and give lousy service. She will also mention how unhygienic she feels and how it can ruin her health. And she is blatantly passing all these judgments without knowing anything about the place. 

She is so fearful about everything that even you sometimes feel scared of asking her anything. While you might want to infuse some positive vibes into her, she is adamant that it will rob her of her emotional sanity. 

6.      The emotionally immature 

Sign: Overreacts to minor issues

It’s best to avoid this type of female friend because she tends to overreact to minor issues, struggles to handle criticism, and often resorts to dramatic outbursts. This friend may have difficulty managing their emotions and can turn minor disagreements into major conflicts. 

They might also rely heavily on others for emotional support without reciprocating, which can become draining over time. Setting boundaries with this type of friend is important to protect your emotional well-being.

7.      The copy-cat

Sign: Busy imitating others’ styles, interests, and even phrases

This girl is definitely low in confidence and, hence, prefers copying others. Moreover, she doesn’t trust herself, and that’s why she always wants to become like someone else – someone who is influential. Sometimes, she doesn’t have a mind of her own and tends to copy what others say. She literally copy-pastes dialogues without any apprehension.

8.      The criticizer

Sign: Always finding fault

Well, everyone likes constructive criticism. According to, constructive criticism means “a comment or comments saying in a helpful way what is wrong with something and how it could be improved.”

However, the criticizer girl is not laced with positivity. In fact, she finds fault in anything and everything. Every comment of hers is wired with negativity. Besides, she is never grateful for the good deeds that people do for her because she finds fault in them as well!

9.      The drama queen

Sign: She is never at fault, but others are

What else can you expect from a drama queen? She always finds fault in others despite her being at fault. Instead, she never accepts her mistakes. Besides, she is a big complaint box – her boss fires her, her coworkers bully her, and all the problems arise only in her life. She always wants the spotlight and sympathy.

10.  The manipulator

Sign: Charming but calculative

This type of female friend is indeed unique. Why? Her every move is deliberate and calculated. Her captivating charm lets her easily enter and establish herself in someone’s life. However, she has a hidden agenda focused on her benefit. Despite the frustrations, her appealing friendship makes it hard to let go.

11.  The competitor

Sign: Ruthless and scheming

You bought a unique dress from a top brand—oh, she bought it way before and at an exorbitant price. Your child says their first word—oh, her child has been talkative since birth. Friends are meant to lift each other up, celebrate each other’s successes, and not pull down each other. But she competes with you, and that too in a very unhealthy manner.

12.  The Frenemy

Sign: Thrives on your misery

As per Wikipedia, “Frenemy” is a combination of “friend” and “enemy” that refers to “a person with whom one is friendly, despite a fundamental dislike or rivalry” or “a person who combines the characteristics of a friend and an enemy.” This means that this type of female you must surely avoid because she thrives on your misfortunes—the worse, the better.

She will listen to all your woes but shares none of her own. You might think she’s supporting you through tough times, but she’s using your troubles to feel better about her life.

Moreover, these ladies don’t genuinely care about your life; they’re selfishly using your situation to boost their own self-esteem. Ouch! The worst among the types of female friends to avoid

13.  The ditcher

Sign: One who never turns up

You invite her for dinner, and she confirms her presence but doesn’t turn up at the last minute. She doesn’t care for your time because she herself is unsure about hers. Sometimes, problems arise, but it can’t always be the same.

She doesn’t understand that though life gets chaotic, time is precious. Therefore, if someone isn’t willing to make time for you or consistently doesn’t show up on time, it’s best to quit wasting your time on her.

On a Parting Note

So, from our side, these are the types of female friends to avoid. Indeed, there are more, and the list is comprehensive. So, let us know which ones we have missed, and we should add them to our list. Amidst this, don’t make a hasty decision to let go of friendship. Some might have genuine motives behind their behavior. Try to understand those; if you think they are toxic, it’s time to let them go!

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