How To Handle a Friend Who Uses You - The Ultimate Guide Healthy Vibes

How To Handle a Friend Who Uses You?

Does your friend call you only when they need you for something? Do you feel they never reciprocate your good deeds or even check up on you when you are quiet? Then, the person who you might think is your friend might turn out to be a frenemy instead! So, how to handle a friend […]

Romance in Friendship

Friendship vs Romantic Relationship – What Do You Choose? 

Friendship vs romantic relationship—what are the key differences and the common factors? To think of it, many common elements define romantic love and deep friendships. A few of them are emotional connection, commitment, and trust. Without these key elements, none of them can survive—neither romantic relationships nor friendships. Let’s unravel the complexities of romantic relationships […]


Older Friends: Why It Is Necessary to Have Them Around?

When it comes to relationships, friendship is the purest of them all. It doesn’t have size, shape, creed, or any conditions because it is acceptable. Besides, it doesn’t acknowledge age, so many of us may have older friends. Having older friends is a blessing, and many studies also highlight the benefits of intergenerational friendships.    Therefore, we […]