Romance in Friendship

Signs a Friendship Is Turning into Love – The Ultimate Transition

A great foundation for a long-term relationship is friendship. If your partner is your best friend, confidant, and go-to person, then there are more chances for the relationship to thrive. There is no specific order to any relationship—you can be romantic interests first and become friends later, or the opposite is also quite possible—you are friends first and then gradually fall in love with each other!

If you are reading this article, there is a high probability that you like a close friend more than a friend! Many questions might be clouding your head—do they also feel the same about me? What if this is one-sided and ruins what we have now, or how successful will this relationship be? 

So, let’s explore some common signs that a friendship is turning into love and try to make the decision-making easier for you!

What Are the Prominent Signs a Friendship Is Turning into Love?

Without any further ado, let’s dive into the signs a friendship is turning into love.

1. You both engage in harmless flirting

The subtle signs of harmless flirting are almost non-discoverable by you or the others around you! It may look like banter, but it shows that the other person sees you as something more than their friend. 

Look out for signs of flirting, such as smiling and blushing, telling you how attractive you are, or their body language may change when they are around you. They might try to touch you more or come closer to you.

2. Awkward group conversations

Another sign that friends are turning lovers is when you interact exclusively with each other even though you are in a group. This might make others feel that they are third-wheeling around you. You seeking out each other in a large group and wanting to spend more time with each other is another huge tell-tale sign of you being more than friends.

3. The frequency of your communication increases

The amount and frequency of the calls, texts, Instagram DMs, and video calls between you, too, increases drastically. You both keep texting each other all day and want to tell them everything that is happening in your life. 

4. You find excuses to touch each other

Your heart skips a beat when you see them, and you both look for ways to initiate physical contact. It’s not how platonic friends touch each other. In this case, the heart beats faster; you feel like touching their hair while talking or touching their back while walking. This is a sign that you want to get into a romantic relationship with them.

5. You’re conscious of your appearance, and you both dress up for each other

If you have any plans with them, you make sure to wear the best dress and check your make-up or hairstyle a few times more than normal. You are conscious of how you look when in front of them, and you observe that it’s the same case with them, and they are also making that effort.

6. You are constantly thinking about them

Even when you are not meeting them, their thoughts come to your mind and keep you busy the whole day! You imagine scenarios of you being with them and spending time alone with them. You replay your past meetings in your mind, and you can’t stop thinking about their smile or how their hair falls on their forehead. 

If you have such thoughts about them, then it is one of the sure signs that you have romantic feelings for them.

7. You share your intimate and vulnerable details with them

While we share many personal things with our friends, if you observe yourself sharing more than that with them or they share intimate details with you, it means that the friends-to-lovers transition is taking place.

You share your deepest darkest desires and secrets with them, and vice versa. You find that strange sense of peace and tranquility when you’re with them.

8. You want to do new things together

You might have become friends with them in the first place because you shared some common interests with them. But when you have romantic feelings for someone, you also don’t mind trying out new things with them that you otherwise wouldn’t have thought about. 

You might do a sport they enjoy doing with them, watch their favorite movie, or wear a certain color they like. This means you are ready to put in that extra effort for them!

9. You discuss your future with them

You might be discussing your future plans with other friends as well, but with them, you discuss things that involve both of you! You might give them subtle hints through these plans, and if they share the same feelings as you, they might reciprocate!

10. Their behavior changes around you

Once upon a time, they seemed shy, but now they can’t stop blushing when they are around you. They look for ways to be near you. Or you might have a different person around them; you might be open to doing things you didn’t even contemplate before!

11. You know everything about them

While knowing personal details about friends is common, you might know their favorite color, perfume, or food. You know what keeps them up at night and what they are scared of. If you and they remember every small detail about each other, there is definitely something brewing between you two! 

12. You experience jealousy

You get conscious when they speak about their exes or their crush. If you can’t imagine them with other people, it is a sure sign that you have fallen in love with them.

13. Your mutual friends point it out to you

Even if you both might not understand or comprehend your feelings towards each other, those who are close to you might! They might tell that something is sizzling between you both, and when they do, do pay attention. 

14. There is intense eye contact

Body language says it all! Looking into the other person’s eyes while talking is normal, but when you just can’t take your eyes off them, it means you are head over heels for them! Do you catch them often staring at you, or do you do the same with them? If the answer is yes, you both are definitely more than friends!

15. They show interest in you and your life

They want to know more about you and your family. They want to get to know you better and want to know all the tiny details of your life. If you also feel the same for them, the feeling is mutual and a sign that friendship is turning to love.

Closing thoughts

A friendship turning into a romantic relationship is a sweet, exciting, and momentous journey, but if the feeling is mutual! If only one of you feels this way about the other person, this road may lead to heartbreaks and bitterness. 

Even after discovering all these signs, it is better to have a proper conversation with them. Forcing someone to do more than they are willing to will result in hurt and pain. Focus on your bond with them, believe in yourself, and give this relationship your all.

Vishakha Naware

About Author

Vishakha Naware is a foreign language trainer, content and fiction writer and poet. Languages are not only her bread and butter, but also her passion. A former journalist by profession, she loves weaving stories and telling tales. She is also a keen observer and likes to use her observations in her writing. She is also an inquisitive traveler and a culture enthusiast who loves exploring and learning about new places and people. She loves cooking and baking, reading fiction books and binge-watching thrillers in her leisure time.

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