Romance in Friendship

Signs You Are Falling in Love with Your Best Friend

There are times when engaged couples confess, saying, “I am lucky to get hitched to my best friend.” Yes, the first step towards the blossoming of love is indeed friendship. Believe me, falling in love with your best friend is very common. Believe it or not, research states that 68% of romantic couples were friends earlier. 

All-in-all, love and friendship go hand in hand. However, sometimes we tend to overlook these romantic feelings because of the great friendship we share. Due to this, we don’t wish to amalgamate these bonds and play it safe.

If you are also one of them, then my friend, you must look out for some signs highlighting you have feelings for your friend. Let’s explore what they are!

Signs that show that you are falling in love with your best friend

You might fall in love unintentionally, and if you are in that position and do not wish to ruin the friendship, it’s better to take precautionary measures. They can be taken by acknowledging these signs.

1. You care for them more than any other friends

Do you feel protective of them? Do you feel jealous if they are with someone else? Do you feel depressed if they fail to be attentive to you?

Besides, amid the pool of friends, do you have eyes only on them? A little out of sight, and you start getting worried. All this, my friend, points towards feelings of love. You care for them more than anyone in the room. And we do this only if we have pure love for a person.

2. There is never a tinge of discomfort

No matter how touchy the subject might be, you can strike a seamless conversation with them. You do not hold up in sharing personal stories. In fact, you want to tell them everything that happens around you – your first success, job, achievement, and even sad moment.

3. You constantly daydream

Daydreaming about them has become a usual task. You constantly ask “what ifs” and paint a happy life together in the back of your mind. All these years, you always considered your close friend next to your sibling, but now you feel them as boyfriend/girlfriend. Most importantly, you don’t feel guilty about it. 

4. You feel differently with them

There was a time when you considered them a nagging sibling, but now the world comes to a standstill in their presence. One sight, and you start getting butterflies in the stomach. You find them attractive in every clothing and every ambiance. Most importantly, you feel like indulging in all the activities that couples do.

The objective is you don’t want to lose your good friend at any cost, so you ensure to keep them happy in any circumstances.

5. Their touch feels different

Back then, when they hugged you, it was a normal, comforting feeling or a way to greet each other. But after developing a romantic relationship with your best friend, that one hug feels heavenly.

The embrace is much warmer, and you feel like it should never end. Every touch gives you goosebumps, and you start feeling awkwardness and excitement. Besides, you start battling from within about sharing your feelings. Sometimes, you even get a strong urge to kiss and cuddle them.

6. You start pampering yourself

Suddenly, you want to look beautiful, change your dressing sense as per their likes, groom yourself, so they will find you attractive, and whatnot.

There was a time you were comfortable in every outfit, but now you just want to get better. Indeed, falling in love spurs magic in the air. You tend to do whatever your friend loves.

7. You call and text them for no obvious reason

Has it ever happened to you that you have called your friend and hung up? Or are you out of words when talking to them?

Well, if you haven’t experienced it yet, then “true love” will force you to do so. No matter how silly the thing is, you want to share it with them.

Actually, you want to share your true feelings but do not have the guts to do so. There can be many reasons, but somewhere your heart is ready to spill the beans, your mind isn’t!

8. You acknowledge whatever they say

Whatever they say or express, you acknowledge their thinking. You don’t give a second thought, whether it is right or wrong.

You don’t want to hurt them, and love makes you do the weirdest things. Not just this, you laugh at their stupidest jokes, too, because your happiness lies in their happiness. You die to see them smile at you!

9. You feel jealous

Jealousy is common in any relationship, be it love or platonic friendship. But in this kind of love friendship, the level of jealousy is on the higher side. You can’t stand when they talk or be attentive toward other people. You get angry when they leave uninformed. You want to keep track of their whereabouts and closely monitor whom they interact with.

A romantic relationship cannot be complete without an ounce of jealousy, and excessive it is a cue of falling in love.

10. They are in every conversation

No matter who you talk to – friends, family, or even colleagues- the conversation is about your bonding with your best friend. They are constantly on your mind and hence on your lips too. Every conversation starts with them and also ends with them. And all this is because you are badly love-struck!

So, these were some basic but crucial signs that highlight that you are falling in love with your best friend in real life.

Should I tell them about my feelings?

Mind you; this whole process is quite tricky for a few of them. Some individuals are sensible enough to understand, but some might freak out with this thought. So, time is the best medicine. No one knows your friend better than you.

If you think confessing your feelings can make you lose your friend, then BEWARE. If not, feel free to share and think about the dynamics afterward.

If they are your best friends, they will help you deal with this situation and may not be judgmental. It might also happen that they have the same mutual feelings for you.

But all this boils down to the understanding of the individual and the way they accept the situation.

Closing Thoughts

Falling in love with a friend is not bad because most of the time, it happens unintentionally. The human mind and soul are indeed tricky spaces to decode.

Amid this, if you were always fighting your thoughts – whether you are in love or not- I think we have deciphered your query! I would insist that you think 100 times before taking any decision because relationships are always priceless!

Let me give you a PRO tip – if you wish to delve deeper, don’t forget to watch the movie – “My Best Friend’s Wedding” starring Julia Roberts. I am sure you will understand the repercussions of falling in love with your best friend 😉.

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