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Fun Tips on Spending Time with Friends

Spending Time with Friends - Amazing Ways To Have a Blast and Fun

It is easy to dream of perfect friendships. You’d love it if somebody clicked with you without much effort, of course! Besides, you’d love it if y’all never disagreed on anything or love to have a friend like that. Indeed spending time with friends is a recipe for a good day!

If you’re anything like me, you long for close friendships that look perfect. But it takes tremendous effort to develop & maintain such friendships. Especially as an adult, maintaining high-maintenance friendships can be a hassle.

Children seem to do it all the time. Well, time is one of the major factors that make all the difference! Having time in hand is a struggle for most adults.

Yet, I assure you that you can pull this off! There are plenty of simple ways to do exactly that! And these ways are not as time-consuming as you’d think. Believe it or not, spending quality time with your friends can be second nature to you like this! *snaps fingers*

Let’s dive right into how this works!

Ways on How to Spend Time with Friends

1. Be the proactive one in the lot! 

Friends, as we already discussed, help you triumph over loneliness. But, very often, we long for our friends to take the initiative to talk to us or meet us.

Becoming an initiator can be pretty rewarding! All it takes is making the first move, not always, but often enough. If your friends know they can come over to your house, they might feel more encouraged to make plans with you. 

Be welcoming, in that case! Make a plan when nobody else is going for it. People might want to join. And you never know where it could go! After all, there are places you’ve never been to, even with friendships. 

It might even become second nature for you to plan trips every now & then. Your friends might love to have a friend like that, wouldn’t they? As you take initiatives, there could be drainers.

You might come across people who never respond, who never try to connect. Well, you’re not obligated to make it work with them. Still, taking an initiative ensures that the ball is in their court. You can relax about it. Becoming an initiator isn’t all that bad now, is it?

2. Plan dates beforehand

Busy bees hardly ever manage to get on impromptu trips. It’s rare! (If you have the rare, keep them!) But people are more likely to follow through with a plan if they get to schedule it in advance. If you’re going to be the initiator, you might as well make sure to plan in time. 

It becomes a lot easier to make the plan the date if some urgent work is not at stake. Settle on a place to eat at. Get your seats reserved at the restaurant for dinner. You can get rid of such small responsibilities beforehand for your convenience. 

Offer company in each other’s tasks.  As an adult, fun is often a luck-by-chance alternative to, well, sleep! And that sounds like a risk you would rather stay away from.

But there is a way to make this work in your favor. You could make some of your work more fun in the company of your friends. If you work from home, it’s easier! You might as well sit alongside a friend as you read your emails.

If you work from an office, you could share space with a colleague & make a friend you can work with!

3. Take a day off

Even if it seems impossible, remember that a day off once in a while is not a luxury. It is a necessity. For the sake of your mental & physical well-being, you must rest once in a while.

You could book a relaxing massage for yourself & your friend. You could listen to soothing songs all through the evening together at your place! There is so much you can do with one day off. Does it come as a surprise? Then you probably need one!

Watch your favorite movie together or TV shows with your friend. 

Well, that’s a go-to for many, when we do have the time! Watching your favorite movie is always a good plan!  But often, this remains an ‘alone’ activity. Well, it doesn’t have to be. 

You & your friends might have binge-watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S together a couple of years ago. You might be a fan of Breaking Bad & you think your friend needs to get introduced to it. Why not call your friends over & put your TV on? (I’d recommend you to binge on the sitcom The Office with fans of good humor in your circle!) 

That’s a cozy hassle-free holiday spent right! Your friends can join you on a movie night. And you never know, this could even turn into a movie marathon. Spending time with your friends couldn’t get more comfortable than this!

4. Don’t forget important dates! 

Remember to call your friend up on their marriage anniversary! Pay a surprise visit at their doorstep on their birthday! What says ‘friends’ more than making them feel special from time to time?

5. Make reading a group thing! 

I’ve always loved the idea of a book date. If it’s made a group event, it adds more value to the idea. The more, the merrier! Moreover, reading never goes in vain. If your friends can show up with their current reads & spend a holiday, you’d love the experience! 

If that’s not something you can manage, here’s another idea! The perfect alternate idea to maintain the value of this arrangement is starting a book club. It may find its roots through a WhatsApp group! 

No matter how you begin, set a goal. Decide on a book for all group members to read through the month. Organize a meeting at the end of your decided duration & meet to discuss your review of it. 

The meeting could even be virtual if a physical meeting isn’t convenient. But making the act of reading a book so engaging can be a breath of fresh air in your otherwise busy schedule! Pick up a book & deepen your friendship. Even the mere thought of it makes it worth a try, doesn’t it?

6. Go for walks together

As simple as it sounds, going for a walk makes your day better. And as a friend accompanies you on this walk, they add value to the time spent walking. Be wise with your time. 

If you know a friend is a fan of morning walks, you can join them on the way every morning. Taking care of your friendships in this way can make maintenance seem so simple.

7. Exercise together 

Your gym time is a great opportunity for you to connect with other fitness enthusiasts. Try to sync your timings with a friend & help each other make better progress. This is a good way to keep in touch with not only your physical health but also your mental health. 

Friends can boost your confidence at the gym. They can also help you with your exercises. Grow fitter together, what say?

8. Play sports with your friends

Having similar interests is quite a treat in itself. If you know your friend loves a good game of volleyball, go for it! If you enjoy tennis, meet up with your tennis partner & have the evening of your life! Playing sports benefit your health & aid your mental health with your friends around.

9. Cook with a companion! 

What’s better than a gossip session with your friend in the kitchen as you work through a few recipes! Calling a friend over for lunch is always a good idea. (Meetups are such an enriching part of life, do you realize?). 

Instead of having dinner alone, you can use that time to catch up with a long-lost childhood buddy once in a while. And cooking new recipes with them can go into your list of adventures together! 

Or, if you have your lunch at work every day, join your office colleagues at their table & have a good chat. Spending quality time as you do your day-to-day tasks can’t get any simpler than this!

10. Volunteer

If you & your friends are the kinds to inspire each other for the better, volunteering is perfect for you. Even your book club could turn into a means of volunteer work. You could read magazines & newspapers to the visually impaired. 

You & your friends can collaborate & organize a parade for Memorial Day. Believe it or not, volunteer work could also look like car washing. When your friends go with you, any good deed is also fun. 

You feel motivated & encouraged to stand up for a cause. If time isn’t a problem, you & your friend could work as shadow teachers for special needs children. You could be volunteering for a summer camp for orphans. 

You could put on performances for kids in hospitals. The list is endless, and the value you will add to the world is enormous!

11. Plan a vacation with your friends 

What’s better than going all out with your dear ones? Book your flights & travel to a new city together. Enjoy a week off with your friends & have fun living your dream life with your best friends.

All in all…

Spending quality time with your friends comes at a cost – You might have to get wiser with your time! Good time-management skills can help your friendships last long like never before!

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