How to Make Friends at the Workplace?

Just after moving out from high school or college, the place you land up next is a workplace. However, for many employees, workplace is only about working, earning, meeting daily targets, and returning to the family to spend their salary.

For them, the workplace is all about fulfilling responsibilities against the wage they draw, so “how to make friends at the workplace” is a question way out of their league. 

They do not believe in friendships at work, so their colleagues are never good friends. But they forget that work friends can indeed become great friends.

Even a study conducted by Officevibe highlights that 70% of employees believe that work friends are the most crucial element of happy working life. What else do we need to prove the importance of workplace friendships!

Now, that you have agreed to this study and wondering how to raise a toast to working relationships, then we got you covered. Keep reading, and you will get all the solutions right at your doorstep!

Tips on How to Make Friends at Work

1. Consider positive body language

Your body language plays a key role in striking a communication. If you do not maintain eye contact and keep your hands folded, people will avoid talking to you. Simple gestures like greetings your fellow mates with a smile or asking them about their whereabouts is a great conversation starter. 

While doing all this, don’t be afraid or nervous and hold your ground. Once your colleagues know you have an open mind to start a conversation, they will find it easy to connect with you! 

2. Treat them with goodies

Who doesn’t like to be pampered? Everyone does, right, including you! So, a great way to expand your social network at the workplace is by treating your work colleagues with some goodies. You can give them some vouchers, some cookies or even pastries. 

You may also have a small tea party in the office to celebrate the milestones of the colleagues or welcome associates who started a new job. With this, it will become easier for them to get into their comfort zone and easier to connect with you!

3. Embellish your cubicle

One of the most important factors in bringing positivity and feel-good vibes is decorating your workplace. Have some succulents, inspiring posters, or some figurines of your favorite superhero. Reason? You never know if these objects will become the bridge of interest between you and your potential friends.

4. Indulge in common interests and hobbies

We cannot deny one fact that finding good friends with common interests is a hurricane task in the work environment. But it is not impossible too! For example, a person who loves writing can strike a perfect chord with a content writer, or one who loves a particular sports team can have a never-ending discussion. 

Not just this, but you can attend work events and grab the opportunity to meet new people that complement your taste and hobbies. 

5. Be a part of work events

As mentioned above, to meet people, participate in meetup groups or work events organized by your office. If you find an activity that strikes a chord with you and a couple of other coworkers, you can form your close-knit group.

I would suggest attending one event and seeing how it goes. If you feel comfortable, follow them more often and make close friends.

6. Set healthy boundaries

Setting boundaries is very important in every relationship, and friendship is no different. Express your expectations clearly and do not give a second preference to your work. Whenever chatting or having a small talk with your work colleagues, be mindful of what you speak.

Don’t go ranting about your boss or the company culture. If you do so, they might think of you as a nagger. Set your boundaries about what to talk about and with whom to talk. Don’t get over-friendly, and stick to your limits; that benefits all!

7. Take breaks between work

No one like to work continuously. A small break for a quick smoke or coffee is what every employee craves. But for that, you need an equally interesting company to have a small talk.

So, you become that company and join your colleagues for a walk or grab a coffee. If they are out for meals, accompany them, eat lunch together, and convert it into a happy hour by coming up with intriguing topics. 

With this, they will know that you are welcoming, and it will become easy to build friendships at the workplace. When you find people who are great at work and heart, job satisfaction definitely enhances, and so does productivity. 

8. Plan activities outside the office perimeter

There is a gamut of activities you can plan beyond office premises. You may start a book-club, make movie plans, night outs, and whatnot. The agenda is simple – to gel with all and emphasize on making a happy working environment.

So, here are some tips on making friends in your professional life. But did you know it comes with a list of benefits too? Don’t know yet, then what are we waiting for? Let’s dig in.

Benefits of making friends at the workplace

1. A go-to person

When you have few trustworthy heads in the office, they become a pitstop to give and take advice. If you stumble upon any problem at work, there is no need to run to your boss all the time, and these pals will help you thoroughly. 

2. Someone to chat with you

Once you meet like-minded people and start sharing great rapport, they will never leave your side. Whether you are feeling lonely or depressed, they will compassionately try their best to help you heal. With friends like these, you will always be on your toes to head to the office with excitement.

3. Source of knowledge

There is a reason why these professionals are working in the firm: their knowledge. When you start hanging out with such prodigies, you get a great opportunity to enhance your knowledge as well. Besides, if you switch your job and look for recommendations, they will always stand by your side.  

4. You learn teamwork

When you constantly stay in touch with colleagues and turn into good friends, rest assured you are getting a knack for teamwork! You actively start participating in team activities, thus enhancing bonding with fellow teammates.

With this, life at the workplace becomes easy peasy, and you develop an urge to head to the office with positivity.

Closing Thoughts

Many factors can affect workplace friendships. But it is upon us how we decide to cope with it. Often cultural backgrounds and personal opinions may come in the way of good friendship. But take them with a pinch of salt and look at the bigger picture.

At the end of the day, it is all about your productivity and job satisfaction. Having friends helps build social connections, and you will never feel like a loner! 

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