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Fun Easter Activities 2023: 18 Ways To Ignite Your Egg-citement With Friends

List Of Fun Easter Activities To Mark Egg-Citing Memories

Indeed, festivals are a way to connect with family and friends. No doubt, Easter is one of them to enjoy a time of joy and celebration. It is the perfect setting to gather with family and friends to mark the end of the long winter and the arrival of spring. 

While it’s often associated with religious observances, Easter can be a secular holiday filled with fun and festivities. So, here are some fun Easter activities to cherish with your friends in a memorable way.

16 Fun Easter Activities for a Memorable Day

So, if you are confused about how to spend your Easter? Please sit back and relax because we have some fun Easter activities listed for you. 

1. Host an Easter Brunch/Dinner

Brunch is a popular mealtime for Easter Sunday, and it’s a great way to gather friends to celebrate the holiday. 

You might want to host a brunch at your home or a local restaurant and serve classic Easter dishes like ham, deviled eggs, hot cross buns, and carrot cake. If not brunch, you can also host a dinner – anything that is suitable for everyone.

If you’re an enthu and wish to spend adventurous time with friends, try making some of these dishes from scratch with them. 😉

2. Organize a Potluck

A potluck is one of the most amazing fun Easter activities that never goes out of fashion. It is fun and interactive, and high on foodgasm.  

Everyone can bring a dish to share, such as ham, macaroni and cheese, roasted vegetables, and bread rolls. You can also assign different courses to each person to ensure you have a variety of dishes.

3. Easter Baking

If you have a sweet tooth, why not have an Easter baking day with your friends? You can make Easter-themed cookies, cupcakes, or even a cake.

Moreover, you can decorate them with pastel colors, Easter-themed sprinkles, and candy eggs. It’s a fun and delicious activity that everyone will enjoy.

4. Have an Easter Egg Hunt

Easter egg hunts are always tagged as a game for the kids. However, it can be fun for adults too. You may choose plastic eggs, fill them with candies, and ask your friends to search for them. If you have a massive group, divide them into teams. 

Make it a competition, with prizes for the winners, and see how the inner child of everyone starts peeping out! 

5. Decoration of Easter Eggs

Indeed, one of the best fun Easter activities; rather a tradition that one cannot miss, is decorating Easter eggs. You can purchase an egg decorating kit at your local grocery or craft store or make your own dye with food coloring, vinegar, and water

Get creative with designs and patterns, and remember to take some photos of your creations and flaunt it on social media.

6. Make Easter Crafts

If the crafty geek within you wishes to show their skills, consider making Easter-themed crafts with your friends. You can come up with many crafts, like paper baskets to hold Easter eggs, create flower arrangements with spring blooms, or try your hand at painting or drawing Easter scenes. 

If you are confused, you can find an array of tutorials online. 

7. Plan a Spring Picnic

Spring is the perfect time for a picnic, and Easter Sunday is no exception. Pack a basket with sandwiches, fruit, and other goodies, and head to a local park or nature preserve. Take in the beautiful spring scenery, and enjoy the company of your friends.

8. Attend Church Together

Easter is a religious holiday, so attending church together can be a meaningful way to celebrate with friends. Look up local churches that are offering Easter services and attend together. Afterward, you can continue the celebration with brunch or other activities.

9. Plant Flowers

Easter is a great time to start planting flowers and preparing your garden for spring. Gather your friends and you can pick out colorful flowers and plants at a local nursery or garden center. 

Then, spend the day planting and creating beautiful flower beds. It’s a great way to enjoy the beautiful weather while doing something productive.

10. Movie Marathon for Easter Holiday

After all the activities, if you are tired but don’t want the moment to let go, then go for some movies.

You may also choose Easter-themed movies like The Ten CommandmentsHop, or It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown. If not Easter-themed movies, you can watch any, but the motto is spending time together. 

11. Attend an Easter Parade

Many cities and towns hold Easter parades with floats, bands, and other entertainment. Check your local events calendar to see if there’s an Easter parade in your area, and make plans to attend with your friends. 

Dress up in Easter-themed outfits, and be sure to bring your cameras to capture the fun.

12. Undertake Easter Photo Shoot

Thanks to technology, a camera came into existence, followed by photos, which are indeed the best way to mark memories. Capture the memories of Easter with a fun Easter-themed photo shoot with your friends. 

You can dress in Easter-themed outfits, use props like bunny ears or Easter baskets, and take pictures at a park or garden with beautiful spring flowers. You can even make a DIY photo booth with Easter-themed backdrops and props and take fun group pictures.

13. Volunteer or Donate to Charity

Easter is a time of giving and a great opportunity to volunteer your time or donate to a charity. 

Consider organizing a group volunteer project with your friends, such as serving meals at a local shelter or cleaning up a park. Besides, donate to a charity that’s important to you, and encourage your friends to do the same.

14. Spring Cleaning

While not the most fun activity on this list, spring cleaning can be a productive and satisfying way to spend time with your friends. You can organize your closets, declutter your living spaces, and deep clean your home. It’s a great way to prepare your home for spring and start fresh.

And once that is done, and if you have little energy left, decorate your house. Making use of some DIY crafts will be like icing on the cake. 

15. Outdoor Activities

One of the fun Easter activities is to enjoy the outdoors with your friends. You can go for a picnic in a park or a nature reserve, hike in the mountains or woods, or even ride a bike. It’s a great way to enjoy the spring weather and get some exercise while having fun with your friends.

16. Easter Karaoke Night

Prepare your singing voices and have an Easter karaoke night with your friends. You can choose Easter-themed songs or sing your favorite tunes. It’s a great way to let loose and have fun with your friends while enjoying good music. Don’t forget to click pictures.

17. Virtual Easter Celebration

If at all you have long-distance friends, it’s obvious that you can’t be with them in person this Easter. So, go for a virtual celebration. Isn’t it one of the fun Easter activities? 

You can video call with your friends and participate in virtual activities such as a virtual Easter egg hunt or a virtual craft session. You can even have an Easter-themed virtual game night and play games like trivia, charades, or Pictionary.

The point is to not feel lonely on Easter.

18. Easter Wine and Cheese Tasting

One of the most sophisticated yet fun Easter activities is organizing an Easter wine and cheese tasting with your friends. Choose a selection of Easter-themed wines and cheeses, and pair them together for a delicious and fun-tasting experience. 

It’s a great way to explore new flavors, spend quality time with friends and flaunt some wine and cheese collection.

Over to you…

Indeed, the list of fun Easter activities can go on and on. You have to remember one thing – it is to spare time with your loved ones. Whatever activity you choose to do, make sure to spread love and positivity and enjoy the festivities together. The world needs love, and festivities are a great way to spread LOVE to the fullest. Happy Easter!

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