Attributes of Friendship

True Friends – The Lifeline of Friendship!

Friends make our life more interesting. We share experiences, thoughts, and values, not to mention the happy and the difficult times with them! Friendships are an essential part of life, making life worth living.

You need friends to share the significant happenings in your life. But is quantity important or quality? What are true friends, and how do we know whether the friends we have are true or not?

So, together, let us explore true friends—the lifeline of friendship.  

True Friends – What Does It Mean?

What are true friends? What are real friendships? They are the ones with whom you share similar interests. Your friends are always there for you, no matter how difficult the times get. Another important trait of a true friend is their ability to advise without judging you.

They are honest with you and can give you constructive feedback. They promote your self-confidence and self-worth by pushing you to do your best and improving your overall well-being.

A true friend understands that life is not perfect and hence people are not perfect. And therefore, accepts you with all your shortcomings. Not every friend can be a true or close friend. But true friends are necessary for our happiness because we can be our most authentic selves with them.

What Are the Significant Signs of a True Friend?

Let’s check out some significant signs of a true friend.

1. They accept you for who you are

We all have a good side and a bad side. A true friend embraces you the way you are—with the highlights, shortcomings, talents, and faults.

They respect you even though there might be differences between you and them. They don’t judge you for who you are.

2. They are always there for you

We all deal with good and bad times in life. We are surrounded by many people when we are happy and prosperous. Those who are still there for you when life gets tough and you are at rock bottom, those people can be called your true friends.

They show up for you and don’t abandon you when things get difficult to handle.

3. They are honest and genuine with you

A true friendship requires trust and honesty. A true friend will be honest and real with you and not sugarcoat things for you.

If you are doing something wrong in life or not taking certain things seriously, they will be the ones to point it out for you. Real friendships expect you to be honest and to handle their honesty.

4. They want the best for you

Besides being real with you and giving honest advice, true friends always push you to be your best and authentic self.

They want you to make progress in life and achieve your life goals. They will strive to help make you a better person and be there when you need a piece of sound advice.

5. They are open-minded and accepting

True friends make you feel heard and are open-minded and accepting when it comes to your thoughts and views. Besides, they know that although you may share similar interests, there might be areas where you may not have the same views, and they are okay with that.

6. They don’t abandon you

True friends, no matter how difficult life and circumstances get, do not abandon you. They do not leave you at the slightest inconvenience.

Besides, they will stick by your side during traumas, disappointments, mental health, and physical health crises. Not just this, but they will be sure they are by your side, and you can always rely on them.

7. They provide you with unconditional love

Who said that only parents, siblings, and romantic partners can provide you with unconditional love? True friends trust you and love you without much in return. They are always there for you in thick and thin and love you for who you are.

8. They are fun to be with

Having a great time together isn’t a prerequisite for friendships, but it is a great add-on, right? It just happens when you are with the right people—people you enjoy spending time with.

Good times are guaranteed if you share similar interests and enjoy doing the same thing. They are the people you can crack jokes with, laugh together for hours on end, pursue hobbies, and just have a great time.

9. They are good for your mental health

Being honest means being straightforward and not being passive-aggressive. Real friends don’t resort to being passive-aggressive or indirect. Hence, they are good for your mental health.

Spending quality time with close friends can boost your self-confidence and mood and helps you feel rejuvenated. That’s why after a tough day at work, we decide to spend time meeting with friends or talking to them over the phone.

10. They are kind and caring

What separates an acquaintance from a friend? Being caring! Acquaintances will not go out of their way to help you with something. Close friends will ensure they can help you most when you need it.

A real friend will call or text you to check on you. They will be the ones to call you or bring you some soup when you are unwell.

11. They are like-minded

We all have interests, hobbies, likes, and dislikes, and when we have other people in our lives who also share our interests or like or dislike similar things, we can’t be happier, can we?

Spending time with people doing things that we all like and things that make us happy is a great bonding activity. It brings people closer and boosts friendships.

12. They are completely opposite of you

While sharing interests and likes and dislikes may be good to boost the bonds of friendship, you could become friends with someone who is completely opposite of you!

They may be the opposite of you, but that will only increase your open-mindedness to try new things you wouldn’t otherwise have! Being accepting means accepting their points of view without being judgmental.

13. They are encouraging

Maybe you feel shy about approaching someone, have stage fright about a presentation you have to give, or are unsure of a decision you have to make. True friends encourage you to leave your comfort zone and do things.

They motivate you to do well in life. They encourage you to study well or finally talk to that special someone!

14. They don’t hold grudges

Arguments and disagreements are a part of any relationship. True friends will talk out any differences and forgive you for your mistakes. What they won’t do is hold any grudges or resentment against you. They will not be the ones who seek revenge.

15. Be genuinely happy for you

True friends will be genuinely happy for you in your good times and successes without getting jealous.

 How to Find True Friends?

The first step to finding true friends is being a true friend yourself! Developing real friendships needs time and genuine effort.

Here are a few points on how to find true friends:

  • Open yourself to others. Try and connect with people over personal things.
  • Be careful, and don’t push too hard. If someone is not reciprocating, let them be.
  • Listen to your friends’ troubles and issues and give them your undivided attention.
  • Find more time to spend with your friends. Make time for common interests.
  • Build trust by sharing personal information.
  • Build up on the shared past. Similar shared experiences are a great way to bond with someone.
  • Meet new people and start conversations. Accept invitations so that you meet them again and can nurture new friendships.
  • Show your friends that you like them by complimenting or showing appreciation.
  • Don’t be picky and give people a chance to express themselves fully. You may feel there’s not much in common, but when people open up, there might be more than what meets the eye.
  • Be dependable. If you are someone people can rely on, you can build true and lasting friendships.

Parting Thoughts

Now that we know what true friendship entails, we are better equipped to find and keep true friends and be true friends ourselves!

True friendship requires time, effort, and genuine care to sustain and be long-lasting. With the help of the tips above, you will be able to nurture true and lasting friendships for sure.

Vishakha Naware

About Author

Vishakha Naware is a foreign language trainer, content and fiction writer and poet. Languages are not only her bread and butter, but also her passion. A former journalist by profession, she loves weaving stories and telling tales. She is also a keen observer and likes to use her observations in her writing. She is also an inquisitive traveler and a culture enthusiast who loves exploring and learning about new places and people. She loves cooking and baking, reading fiction books and binge-watching thrillers in her leisure time.

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