Comprehensive Guide: How to Make Friends Online Without Being Creepy

Today everything is available on the internet. There was a time when people said, “relationships are made in heaven.” But now, even they are aligned on the internet. We order food, shop, sell, and even make friends on the internet. However, this friend-making process may be eerie as we don’t really meet in person. Therefore, many wonder – how to make friends online without being creepy.

If you are also one of them who wish to start a conversation and want to ace this process of finding friends online without being unnerving, then you are at the right place. What are we waiting for? Let’s dig in! 

How to make online friends without being spooky

Social media platforms can sometimes be intimidating because of the number of friendship apps on the platter. Besides, we don’t see them face-to-face, further giving rise to various inhibitions. There is always confusion about what to speak and what not to speak. But it is possible to simplify this worry with some solid tips.

1. Accept that they are humans too

Obviously, we don’t meet this person physically, and you start chatting with them with a click. However, you must understand that though it is online, talking on friendship apps or social media has its social rules. Although you are not physically present, that doesn’t mean you can abuse them or get into their personal life. 

Take things slowly, don’t dig much into their personal information, and analyze if you can be potential friends. If you don’t like their approach, don’t start with online abuse or disrespect. It would be best if you remembered that they are humans too. Maintain your decorum, and don’t break any friendship boundaries. Else you will be called a stalker.

2. Find people in your area

I believe this is safe bait because it is always easier to connect with people in your area. Besides, the same neighborhood vibes make it easier to gel with people as you might have a bundle of topics to discuss. If you ever plan to meet, it becomes simpler as you may know places in the vicinity and not very far away from town.

3. Research about people

When you meet new people, especially online, it can turn out to be a risky business. Online friend-making could turn eerie because of fake profiles, stories, and alter egos. It is indeed a deceptive podium, so it’s best to take cautious steps. And to do so, always research people. We have Google; why not make utmost use of it. 

Indeed, their social media profiles can tell a lot about their personality. In fact, they will give you an insight into whether you should move ahead or it’s better to back off. 

Swipe left on friendship apps only when you think it is RIGHT!

4. Enroll in social networks that share your interests

One of the pivotal ways to make friends online without being creepy is by joining groups with mutual interests. The online world is a vast arena, and you will find people with multiple personalities and multiple interests. But you cannot connect with all because eventually, such a relationship won’t last. So, if you want to deal in meaningful friendships, go for meaningful groups with people that keep you hooked. 

5. Engage with people who bring out your best

There are people with whom you feel most comfortable. Not just this, but they help you unravel your hidden strengths. If you find a group or an individual who helps bring out the best version of you, don’t let them go. 

Now, we are exploring tips on how to make friends online without being creepy, so don’t put them in a bothersome situation by hovering. Keep things subtle, your actions minimal, and you never know your friendship can reach new heights! 

6. Have a meaningful conversation

It’s always fruitful to bring something to the table, whether funny or meaningful. If you think you have a mutual interest in music, share the link to the playlist. Suppose you know they like reading; share your reading list and try to dig further about their likes. This kind of conversation might encourage them to strike a deeper conversation, thus helping you to get to know each other.

But don’t let long silence ruin your potential friendship. 

7. Flirt but keep it healthy

Some experts claim that flirting is good for your mental health. However, whatever you do, it should be in moderation. Similarly, when you are making friends online, you don’t know them in real life or haven’t met physically, so it is hard to judge how their personality really is. 

So, start with complimenting them on their looks or the status they post on social media. Again, please don’t overdo it because it may freak them out. Just keep it subtle and try finding similar interests to break the ice. 

8. Start taking it to the next level

If it’s been months that you’ve known each other and are online BFFs, then it’s time to move one step forward. Ask them for their phone number or Skype id to have a more meaningful conversation. If they want to keep it limited to bumble BFF, then do not force them. Let them take their time to get accustomed to this whole new friendship. 

9. Indulge in a conversation to meet up

If you think that you wish to continue your friendship with this person, build a connection in a way that you would be comfortable meeting them in person and vice versa. Be quick to answer their query or any message you receive from them. 

Of course, please don’t overdo it; they will start feeling uncomfortable speaking with you. Besides, maintain respect and avoid talking bluntly.

10. Understand that once you are real friends, dynamics change

When you were online friends, it was okay to comment on other people’s status where your friend was tagged. It was also okay to share an embarrassing photo or video. But when you are taking your friendship to another level, rules change. 

Why? Because now you are friends in real life and not online anymore. You have to respect their boundaries and privacy. Respect their decision if they don’t want you to tag them in posts or videos. It adds to a great friendship that lasts!

11. Accept that some people are better at being online friends

People carry a lot of personas. Some are better off talkative only on social media platforms, but in person, they are quiet. They will chit-chat on a private messaging app when you send a message but are shy in real life. So, accept their way and acknowledge that they can be better online friends than real ones. Not a tedious task, right? 

So, these were tips on how to make friends online without being creepy. Now that you are taking this leap, there are more tips on talking while making online friends.

How to talk to online friends?

  • Do not indulge in abusive language.
  • Show respect and talk politely.
  • Comment on their friend’s post to make them feel familiar.
  • To keep the conversation going, ask them questions but not very personal.
  • Give them time to open up to this relationship.
  • If comfortable, keep a real picture as your profile pic just to assure them that you are REAL!
  • Take precautions because you may not know who is on the other side.

On a parting note

Making friends online can be easy, but it may become arduous if you give them creepy vibes immediately. So, follow these simple tips and make them feel comfortable. You never know, you might find a friend for life!

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