Toxic Friends

Types of Toxic Friends You Should be Aware of

Friends form an integral part of our life. However, there is always one rotten mango in the basket, and they are tagged as toxic friends. A healthy friendship makes you feel at ease, comfortable and loved in all circumstances.

But toxic friendship is the right opposite. This article will present a detailed guide on this unhealthy friendship and how to deal with it. So, stay tuned!

What are toxic friends?

Usually, when a good friend has a bad day, they might snap at you, might not offer emotional support, or stay away from you for a while. However, toxic friends tend to follow the same dynamic forever.

They are never around you when you need them the most; they indulge in emotional abuse and make you feel bad in every instance.

In short, they can never be a true friend because they never show any regret, nor are they in a mood to change their behavior despite making you bad all the time. 

However, this is not enough as there are various types of a toxic friendships. Let’s see what they are.

Types of toxic friends

There are various types of friends who help in forming healthy relationships. But there are types of toxic relationships too. And we will find out about them, right here, right now!

1. The Gossip Monger

Gossiping friends are the ones who love talking behind the back. They talk spitefully and are rude and jealous of their friends.

They love spreading rumors about people around them and effortlessly interfere in any conversation. Besides, they love putting in line their friend’s reputations. If they talk about others, they definitely talk about you too!

2. The User

Has it ever happened to you that a friend has gatecrashed your parties, hung out with you now and then, and even invited you over for dinners all of a sudden? If yes, then beware because they are “the users.” 

This breed is always buzzing around you to take advantage of your network and finances or wants a company to chill. Sometimes, they are around you just to find a date for a romantic relationship.

Once they achieve the feat, they disappear in thin air. Remember, they are never true friends because a true friend will never leave your side.

3. The Energy Sucker

This is one such lot that always wants you to be on your toes. If they call you, you must rush in immediately. You shouldn’t waste time if they want you to do some work.

Well, supporting friends through thick and thin is essential, but setting boundaries is equally imperative. And if you fail to set boundaries, rest assured you will drain yourself mentally and physically around such toxic friends. 

4. The Whiner

This lot of toxic friends is never ever satisfied in life. They complain about anything and everything. Whining and nagging seem to be their favorite pastime. Due to this, they lead an unhappy life and direct that negative energy to everyone around them.

At times, because of such people in life, you also tend to doubt your self-esteem. And clearly, it is not a great sign!  

5. The Attention Seeker

This kind lives in fantasy land. They think their life is a soap opera, which is why they deal with extreme bouts of disappointment and sadness. Amid this, you are their knight in shining armor, busy solving problems.

But such toxic friends are so self-consumed that they still live in a fantasy world despite a reality check. Not just this, they always want to be the center of attraction and clearly bypass your emotions and feelings.

6. The Dominant

Such friends know nothing but love to rule others. They pass lame jokes, make fun of others, criticize for no reason and infer that they are just “joking.” Despite doing all this, they think this is light-hearted, and everyone must accept their way of life. 

Friendship doesn’t mean tormenting someone with sarcastic comments, teasing, verbal bullying, or making fun of their insecurities & weaknesses. Instead, it is all about spreading positivity!

7. The Braggart

Such people love to brag about their achievements and possession. Because of the accolades, eventually, they start feeling they are above all. Their quality of bragging is definitely a big red flag because they are trying their best to hamper the self-esteem of others. 

Most importantly, with time, they start treating you to be no match, inferior, or make you feel stupid. Take this cue and just step out of such a toxic friendship because there are chances of you facing peer pressure.

8. The Apathetic 

Have you ever experienced a situation in a friendship where you always pick up the phone and call your friends to enquire about their well-being? You invite them to parties and always maintain communication.

Amid this, you never receive a call from friends or no one enquires about your whereabouts. If this is happening to you, this is a major red flag wherein you are heading towards a one-sided friendship

Indeed, this lot of individuals are a rich form of toxic friends where they never take the initiative to keep the flame of friendship alive. They don’t care and are never the ones to start a conversation or plan an outing. They are in the friendship just for the sake of it but don’t believe in it.

9. The Ditcher

Have you ever been waiting for a friend at a restaurant for long hours? Does your friend bail out at the last moment, citing some “emergency,” but it isn’t? If yes, beware and start drifting away from such toxic flaky friends.

They never respect your time and feelings and always treat you as a “backup” option. So, BEWARE!

10. The Spiteful  

Indeed, the most dangerous breed of toxic friends who know only to spew poison. Such friends can never be true friends because they are always brewing jealousy. Losing a friend is better than having them around. 

Your achievements mean nothing to them. Instead, they will belittle your success by talking spiteful, and it is nothing but emotionally abusive. Jealousy is natural in some instances but constantly feeling jealous about your triumph is something you shouldn’t ignore and get rid of such a relationship.

11. The Liar

You must be extra cautious when acknowledging that your friend is becoming a liar. Informing their folks that they are at your house but are instead partying with someone else is not only a red flag but dangerous. What if they meet with an accident? Do not reach home on time? Eventually, you face the brunt of their mistakes.

Instead, keep them away, and you will lead a happy life. 

12. The Passive-aggressive

Such friends don’t discuss their problems directly – and that’s more dangerous. They are unpredictable because sometimes they are unhappy with your antics but pretend to be okay. 

It becomes challenging to understand their feelings and address their issue. Indeed, a big sign of an unhealthy friendship.  

How to detox yourself from such negativity? 

So, we mentioned some types of toxic friends, but we have a few pointers to help you detox from such toxicity.

  1. Don’t think about them all the time. Use more of the “I” statement while sorting things out. Care about your emotions and feelings.
  2. Take a break from the friendship. If you are unable to break it, then draw boundaries.
  3. Mingle with some new people and make new friends. 
  4. If they respect your boundaries and open a new chapter of friendship, give them a chance.

On a parting note…

Friendships are beautiful but not with this kind of course. It is possible to deal with some toxic friends, but some are beyond repair.

However, if you start getting gut instinct that your toxic friendship is not in your hands, it’s best to end right there and stay happy! Because toxic friendship will lead you nowhere and you will hit rock bottom!  

Your happiness is in your hands!

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