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What Are the Prominent Signs of a Fake Friend?

Genuine friendship is hard to find because fake people and fake friends infest the world. It becomes next to impossible to spot the signs of a fake friend. Since our childhood, we have come across various types of friends. The true ones always stick around, and the fake ones fade in the wind, which happens when we start feeling emotionally and physically unsafe. 

However, some are difficult to spot, even in a long-term friendship. So, we list some worthy signs for you to look out for in fake friendships. Let’s dig in.

22 Clear-cut signs of a fake friend to watch out for

They might be around you for a long time, but they are hard to spot. Let’s explore some of the critical signs of a fake friend and watch out for some classic qualities.

1. They wither when you need them

Are they around you when they need emotional and physical help? And they fade into thin air once the job is done? You are definitely stuck in fake friendships if you are around such people. If you host a party or undertake any activity, they will come only for their benefit, enjoyment, or networking. But it won’t help you in any way. 

2. They are never around when you need them the most 

A fake friend is never supportive. A person who is never available for you, what’s the use of being around a friend like this? That’s what fake friends are all about. They will take all the support they want but, in return, will never motivate you because they don’t find it beneficial.

3. They always have hidden motives

They always need something from you, which is why they keep you around them. Fake friends tend to reach out only when they have some incomplete tasks to be done with your help. So, don’t be surprised if they message you suddenly after a month. They don’t miss you but want some favors from you.

4. They are jealous of you

A true friend will always rejoice in your success and motivate you in your failure. But a significant sign of a fake friend is they are always brewing with jealousy. If you succeed, it makes their blood boil. Instead of congratulating you, they will design an action plan to be better than you and win accolades. They are never happy for you!

5. They are gossip-mongers

They love gossiping, but it has a twist to it. They will show that they are your true friend but will gossip behind your back. Not just this, but they love spreading rumors about you and constantly trash talk.

6. They pull you down

Fake friends don’t care about your feelings. They love giving back-handed compliments, passing judgments, and constantly pulling you down so that you hate yourself. They always find ways to belittle you. Due to this, you feel betrayed and find it difficult to make friends. Not just this, but it may affect your confidence too!

7. They are attention-seekers

Fake friends always love to create drama and be the center of attraction. They don’t like it if someone else gets all eyes and ears. If they realize this, then they ensure to divert the attention. Besides, they want you to listen to their woes, but they won’t be good listeners in return. 

8. They ditch you for their romantic partner

You might be friends since childhood and have a notion that you will be besties for the rest of your life. But it isn’t the same in fake friendships. Once their romantic partner enters the scene, they bid adieu to their friendship, no matter how old it is. In real friendships, people know how to balance both. But when it is fake friendships, such things are bound to happen.

9. They constantly indulge in emotional blackmailing 

They are never your true friends because if they did, then they would have never tried their best to manipulate you. They will never take a “no” and will persuade you to accept whatever they say. Instead, this is a major red flag of a fake friend.  

10. Their friendship comes with a set of conditions

True friendship is all about unconditional love, right? But a significant sign of a fake friend is a conditional relationship. They put you through conditions like what dress to wear, how to talk in front of their colleagues, change your habits or mold you as per their liking. If you experience such behavior, then it is a good chance for you to walk out of this friendship.

11. They are the untrusty lot 

Trust and loyalty are the foundation of friendship. However, for fake friends, it comes last. Instead, it isn’t included in their list as they don’t believe in it. Fake friends lie outrightly and spread the same lies among mutual friends. It signifies that you are better off without them, and your life will be blissful. 

12. For them, your importance is secondary

They don’t care about your important events. It doesn’t matter if you got promoted, engaged, or won a tournament. For them, your happiness and success are always secondary. They forget such events, too, or at least pretend to.

13. They do not respect your boundaries

Every relationship needs boundaries, and friendship is no different. When you have real friends alone, they will understand your mistakes and counsel you to mend ways. But fake friends do not bother. Besides, they wouldn’t want you to meddle in their life but will definitely do it in yours. Be it your professional life or even personal. Your boundaries hold no importance for them, but that isn’t the case for you! You must follow the boundaries set by them.

14. They love to gaslight you

Fake friends constantly indulge you in gaslighting, which is the worst form of emotional abuse. They will force you into questioning your sanity. Make you question your judgment and show no respect at all. As soon as you get such signs, stay away from such people. It’s best not to have them around because it is a classic sign of a fake friend!

15. They are unapologetic

If you have planned an outing with a friend and they forget, a true friend will immediately call you to apologize. They will make up for you by planning an outing or treating you to dinner. However, fake friends don’t do such a deed because they do not apologize. They are too proud to accept their fault. 

16. They are full of negativity 

Whenever you try talking about something positive or happy moments, they always have a tinge of negativity. Besides, they engulf you with insecurity and cynicism if you try infusing some positivity. 

17. They love giving a guilt trip

Suppose they bail out from some plans; it’s perfectly OKAY. However, if you do the same, they will rage war and make you guilty like never before. They will ensure to create a ruckus in a way that makes you feel worst about yourself. 

18. They love offloading their problems on you

Their problems are always the biggest, and they love putting them on your shoulders. They will burden you so much with their issues that you will have no time to think about yourself. Your whole time will be wasted catering to their needs, and they will ensure to drain you emotionally.  

19. You hate yourself in their company

You do not recognize yourself when you are in their company because they control you. They belittle you badly, and you often forget who you are. Besides, you always think about how to behave in their company or what to wear when with them. Most importantly, you become cautious about what to communicate because it can make them angry. You constantly have a notion that you are a bad friend, unworthy and eventually start hurting yourself.

20. Your friendship is one-sided

You give 100% in this beautiful relationship, but what about your friend? The most significant sign of a fake friend is they never contribute. You give your heart and soul for their betterment, but they focus only on their selfish motives. They are happy to get all the attention and thus continue maintaining the one-sided friendship.

21. They become extra possessive

You mingling with anyone is a big no-no for them. They don’t like you making new friends or companions. Subsequently, if you do, they infuse negativity about this blooming bond. They get uncomfortable in front of your new friends and likewise make you uncomfortable too! And this is because they worry that your new friends might guess their real face and pull you out of this toxic friendship.

22. It’s always ME and MINE

Nothing is above them. It’s always about their problems, happiness, success, and joy. It looks like the whole world revolves around them. Most importantly, they are always number ONE despite not giving 100%. The whole day they will not only talk about themselves, which shows how self-consumed they are! This a sign for you to beware!

Over to you!

Now you have spotted the signs of a fake friend, but what next? Take this as a learning and start acknowledging the signs before you experience doomsday. Fake friends are not a great company to be with; if you are already in one, find ways to distance yourself. A better friendship awaits you!

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