How Not to Lose Friendship after Marriage

There are chances that you may lose friendship after marriage. Unless you are one of those lucky people to have married inside your friend circle wherein you & your spouse share the same circle more or less, you may find it a tad bit more difficult than before to continue maintaining your cherished friendships after […]


How to Be a Best Friend for Life

You can’t live a great life having just surface-level friendships & no deep connections. Having a best friend is imperative. However, forming deeper connections with your friends for your friendships to continue healthily & last forever may look like art to many. But, at the core of it, take it from Ralph Waldo Emerson, “The […]


How To Make Friends in High School?

Growing up, we notice several changes in ourselves. Children may grow up into either introverts or extroverts & nothing can be predicted accurately before time. Things change when things change & so do their relationships with people around them. But one question that may haunt is – how to make friends in high school?  Because, […]

Romance in Friendship

Platonic Friendship: Know All About It!

Well, if you’re here, I’m assuming you are checking whether your friendship with somebody in your life can be called a platonic friendship or not. You’re not alone. Many often confuse different types of connections for being platonic friendships. Let’s quickly have a look at some facts, though! What is a Platonic Friendship? A common […]


Older Friends: Why It Is Necessary to Have Them Around?

When it comes to relationships, friendship is the purest of them all. It doesn’t have size, shape, creed, or any conditions because it is acceptable. Besides, it doesn’t acknowledge age, so many of us may have older friends. Having older friends is a blessing, and many studies also highlight the benefits of intergenerational friendships.    Therefore, we […]