Spending Time with Friends - Amazing Ways To Have a Blast and Fun Healthy Vibes

Fun Tips on Spending Time with Friends

It is easy to dream of perfect friendships. You’d love it if somebody clicked with you without much effort, of course! Besides, you’d love it if y’all never disagreed on anything or love to have a friend like that. Indeed spending time with friends is a recipe for a good day! If you’re anything like […]

Gender and Friendship

17 Male-Female Friendship Boundaries To Set With The Opposite Gender

Childhood & teenage often seem full of friends & gender typically does not bother us too much during these ages. However, as we grow older, gender becomes a factor to consider & even be careful of, especially regarding male-female friendship boundaries. Popular culture even makes it seem next to impossible to maintain platonic friendships between […]


How to Make Friends at the Workplace?

Just after moving out from high school or college, the place you land up next is a workplace. However, for many employees, workplace is only about working, earning, meeting daily targets, and returning to the family to spend their salary. For them, the workplace is all about fulfilling responsibilities against the wage they draw, so […]


How Not to Lose Friendship after Marriage

There are chances that you may lose friendship after marriage. Unless you are one of those lucky people to have married inside your friend circle wherein you & your spouse share the same circle more or less, you may find it a tad bit more difficult than before to continue maintaining your cherished friendships after […]


How to Be a Best Friend for Life

You can’t live a great life having just surface-level friendships & no deep connections. Having a best friend is imperative. However, forming deeper connections with your friends for your friendships to continue healthily & last forever may look like art to many. But, at the core of it, take it from Ralph Waldo Emerson, “The […]